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Alfalfa Hay
Basil, All Parts
Clover Leaves, Stems
Coriander, All Parts
Cress, All Parts
Dandelion Leaves, Flowerhead
Dill, All Parts
Ficus (F. Benjamina) Leaves
Geraniums Flowers, Leaves
Grape (Not Ivys) Leaves, Fruit
Hibiscus Flowers, Leaves

Lambs Quarters Leaves
​​Mallow, Young Leaves

Mint, All Parts
Nasturtium Flowers, Leaves
Parsley, All Parts
Peavine (Not Sweetpea) Leaves
Peppers, All Parts
Pothos, Leaves
Romaine lettuce, All Parts
Roses, Petals
Spider Plant, Leaves
Split-Leaf Philodendron (Monstera) Leaves
Violets (Not African Violets), Flowers, Leaves
Wandering Jew (Zebrina Spp), Leaves
Wandering Jew, All Parts

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